One of the world’s most extraordinary diamonds, the “Unique Pink”, was recently purchased at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva for the hefty price of $31.6 million. This makes the particularly rare 15.38-karat pear-shaped pink diamond one of the costliest pink diamond to ever be sold.

The auction house, who are unable to release the purchaser’s identity, took the bid over the phone from a private Asian buyer.

The “Unique Pink” has a simple ring design. Sotheby’s International Jewelry Worldwide Chairman David Bennett said the color of this diamond is amazing, and it’s hard to picture any other diamond with a pink color as vivid as the “Unique Pink”.

In 2015, Christie’s auction sold the “Sweet Josephine” pink diamond for $28.05 million. The buyer was Joseph Lau, a Hong Kong billionaire, who bought the 16.08-karat diamond for his daughter Josephine when she was seven. 

The sale of the “Unique Pink” diamond surpasses Christie’s record.

Still, the recently sold pink diamond doesn’t make it the most expensive to ever have been sold. In 2010, Sotheby’s sold the 24.78-karat “Graff Pink” diamond for the whooping price of $46.2 million.

A day after the sale of the “Unique Pink”, Lau came back to the Sotheby’s auction to buy his daughter the “Blue Moon of Josephine”, a 12.03-karat blue sparkler for nearly $50 million. The $48.5 million price makes the diamond one of the most expensive in the world.

Still, it doesn’t beat Christie’s auction May 18 sale of the “Oppenheimer Blue” 14.62-karat vivid blue diamond, which was purchased from a private collector for $57.5 million. The sale of the “Oppenheimer Blue” makes it the most expensive diamond to be sold in the world. 

Image courtesy of Sotheby's

Image courtesy of Sotheby's