L.J. West Diamonds, Inc. is one of the earliest authorized partners of Argyle Pink Diamonds, dating back to the late 1980’s as Larry West began to build his collection of argyle pink diamonds and exhibiting them at trade shows around the world. Today L.J. West Diamonds has one of the largest collections of argyle pink diamonds in the world and the largest collection in USA and is one of the leading experts in value and rare Argyle pink diamonds having own some of the most recognizable diamonds to have been part of the mines annual Argyle tender.

90% of the worlds pink diamond supply comes from the western Australian mine and as the supply slowly decreases….the demand gradually increases.

Many notable stones that have been part of the L.J. West Diamonds, Inc collection from the Argyle mine.

4.03 carat fancy vivid purplish pink radiant cut (largest argyle pink diamond ever found)

Argyle Violet - 2.83 carat fancy deep grayish-bluish violet SI1 oval cut (largest violet ever produced)

Argyle Thea - 2.24 carat fancy vivid purplish pink VS2 radiant cut

2.03 carat fancy vivid pink VS2 radiant cut

2.01 carat fancy vivid pink SI2 princess cut

1.25 carat fancy vivid pink VS1 heart shape