Over billions of years deep with in the earth…

Incredible circumstances created natural color diamonds. Minute amounts of trace elements interacting with carbon atoms brought about the natural color in these diamonds. Tiny amounts of nitrogen created yellow and orange shades. Boron created blues, and hydrogen produced violet. Tremendous pressure occasionally would realign or twist the diamond’s crystal structure, creating red, pink, purple and brown diamonds. Millions of years of natural radiation produced green diamonds with limitless variations in color.

The diamonds featured in the L.J. West Diamonds inventory are sourced from mines around the world, including the Argyle Diamond Mine (Australia), which produces over 90% of the world’s natural pink diamonds; the Cullinan mine (South Africa), the largest current producer of blue diamonds; the Williamson mine (Tanzania); the Rooipoort mine (South Africa); and many more.

L.J. West remains dedicated to the Kimberly Process, never buying or trading rough diamonds from areas where it would support conflict or human distress.

All L.J. West diamonds are certified with a report from the Gemological Institute of America and carefully sourced for quality and desirability.


 Group shot of rare natural color diamonds by L.J. West Diamonds

Group shot of rare natural color diamonds by L.J. West Diamonds