When analyzing a diamond, L.J. West Diamonds, Inc. carefully examines each individual stone to determine the diamonds absolute fullest color potential. Determination of the diamonds final stage can take months or up to a year, as our gemologists must examine each cutting possibility. After this process is complete, the diamond will receive its Art of Nature completion.


Each individual diamond is exceptional; and personalized by size, shape, clarity and color.  

The planning of shape and cutting angles are a masterful art, to bring the diamond to life with maximum brilliance takes patience and exquisite skill.

After the diamond is cut, the stone is than polished using mechanisms permeated with diamond dust – the only known material efficient of polishing a diamond to its full brilliance.


Cutting a natural color diamond requires skill, patience, and a high tolerance for risk. Our team of experts carefully examine each facet to determine the stone’s full potential. Work on a diamond can take months— and in some cases, years — to achieve the best possible result. size, shape, color, clarity, and desirability are among the factors considered throughout the process.