Since 1983

L.J. West Diamonds has been one of the founding collectors of Argyle pink diamonds since the mid 80’s. Larry West started his career as a white diamond melee wholesaler and transition into pink diamonds after a visit to the mine in the early 80’s. 30 years later L.J. West Diamonds has one of the largest collections of pink diamonds in the world. The collection includes many notable gems from the Western Australian diamond mine including the 2.83 carat Argyle Violet and 2.24 carat Argyle Thea.

Since 1983, Argyle Diamonds have been mined from this remote region, the world’s most exquisite natural colored gems. No other area in the world offers pink diamonds as exquisite in color as an Argyle pink diamond.

Prior to the Eighties, production of pink diamonds had been isolated, and restricted to international mines. Argyle pink diamonds, offer a certifiable supply along with depth and variations of pink colors never seen before. These rare gems have commanded the world's attention since their discovery.

Unearthing these treasures, fashioned at a depth of over a hundred and sixty kilometres below the earth’s surface, could be a challenge each in size and complexions. The mine is operational twenty four hours each day, three hundred and sixty five days of the year, the Argyle underground mine comprises an intricate network which comprises two underground crushers and around 40 kilometres of tunnels, facilitating the access of diamonds from the furthest reaches of the earth.

It will take over a year and plenty of careful hands for a rough Argyle pink diamond to journey from the mine to its final destination as a refined gem. The mine is estimated to close in 2020.

Argyle diamond mine

Argyle diamond mine