L.J. West Diamonds, Inc. is a three generation natural color diamond wholesaler based in New York, the company was founded in the late 1970’s by Lawrence J. West. Today L.J. West Diamonds has established itself as one of the worlds  prominent houses for some of the most rare and important exotic natural fancy color diamonds to have ever been unearthed. This collection includes a vast color spectrum of incredible rare pink, blue, yellow, green, orange and red diamonds.

For over 30 years, Larry West has been studying and collecting some of the most rare natural color diamonds. His expertise for analyzing a natural color diamond to bring out its true color potential is a masterful skill.

When analyzing a diamond, L.J. West Diamonds, Inc. carefully examines each individual stone, determining the diamonds fullest color potential. Determination of the diamonds final stage can take months or up to a year to decide, as the gemologists must examine each cutting possibility.

Larry has owned and polished some of the most beautiful and rare natural color diamonds to have ever been found. From 1 carat to 5 carat+ diamonds in the category of intense & vivid pink, green, orange, blue and fancy red.

L.J. West Diamonds has owned some of the most prominent color diamonds in the world such as 2.55 carat fancy vivid blue VS pear shape / 3.10 carat fancy vivid blue IF emerald cut / 1.09 carat fancy vivid orange VS pear shape / 5.02 carat fancy intense pink vs oval shape / 8.14 carat fancy intense purplish pink vvs1 radiant.



Ranging back to the early 1950s, Larry’s father the late Max West started his business as a commodities dealer in the heart of the New York diamond district, he began traveling to many parts of the world – Europe, Africa, South America and Asia looking for sources for the gemstones and metals his customers strongly desired. He shortly transformed into an exclusive diamond distributor, selling accent diamond called melee to the largest jewelry producers of the time. Overtime Max developed many relations with vendors from around the world and even partnered with them, by doing so this helped him learn and understand the ever-evolving market.

Sadly Max passed away at a young age leaving his son Larry with the family business.

Max West

Max West